Educational institutions

Institutions of learning, from schools to universities, house numerous classrooms, laboratories, and various facilities that demand consistent heating and lighting solutions. SCIVEN provides these educational hubs with reliable energy solutions.

The Challenge:

Amidst academic institutions the need for sustainable energy solutions is paramount, with particular emphasis on emission’s reduction.

The Solution:

SCIVEN responded with a 200 kW Biomass Boiler meticulously designed for this educational enclave. The boiler’s advanced features include a separation cyclone strategically positioned between the flue gas outlet and the chimney. This innovation effectively captures particles of varying sizes suspended in the flue gas, ensuring emissions remain at environmentally responsible levels.

The Comprehensive Package:

The Sciven Biomass Boiler doesn’t stop at emissions control; it encompasses a range of essential functions:
Pressure Excellence: Tested at 6.5 bar, the boiler operates within allowable working pressures of up to 5 bar.
Air Mastery: An automatic control system manages secondary and primary air in the combustion zone, optimizing efficiency.
Temperature Precision: With a working temperature reaching up to 95°C, the boiler ensures consistent heating.
Maintenance Made Easy: Automatic cleaning of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger module, along with an ash removal system, ensures hassle-free operation.
AI-Infused Efficiency: An AI-Based Energy Management system further enhances performance.
Feeding Precision: Feed systems feature a double worm with a gear motor for seamless fuel delivery.
Safety First: The boiler boasts a flame arrester system, automatic extinguishing devices, thermal protection for fuel storage, pre-silo level control, automatic ignition, and a domestic hot water control system with an anti-legionella safeguard.


This case study shines a light on how SCIVEN’s energy solutions empower educational institutions. Through sustainable energy provision and emissions control, we illuminate the path to a brighter, more sustainable future for universities and schools alike.

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