A Greenhouse Energy Transformation

Growing Sustainability:

Greenhouses are essential spaces for nurturing plant growth, but maintaining the ideal temperature can be energy-intensive. SCIVEN’s innovative solutions provide the energy needed to create the perfect environment for plants to thrive, ensuring not only temperature control but also powering lighting and irrigation systems.

Case in Point:

In this specific project, the challenge was to maintain a constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius day and night in 8 greenhouses, each with a volume of 100 cubic meters. Nighttime demanded more energy, requiring 350 kW of power.

The Solution:

SCIVEN stepped in with a solution tailored to the existing setup, ensuring minimal disruption during installation and operation. Abundant biomass resources were available, enabling the implementation of a 200 kW boiler and a 20 kW cogeneration unit. This not only met the energy needs of the greenhouses but also provided surplus heat for other greenhouses, all powered by the same boiler.

The Comprehensive Package Included:

  • A fully automatic Biomass Boiler for efficient thermal energy production.
  • Silo and automatic transport system for biomass storage.
  • SCIVEN ORC Cogeneration Power System for electricity generation.
  • Aero-thermal dissipates to evenly distribute heat within the greenhouses.
  • A residual heat dissipation system to prevent waste.
  • All hydraulic components to ensure the system’s smooth operation.
  • An AI-Based Energy Management system for optimized energy usage.

This case study exemplifies how SCIVEN’s energy solutions can transform greenhouses into sustainable and efficient spaces for plant growth. With our expertise, we’re not just controlling temperatures; we’re nurturing a greener future for agriculture.

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