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Enhancing Energy Efficiency:
A Municipal Swimming Pool Complex Case Study

Municipal swimming pools come with a considerable energy demand, particularly for pool heating. This case study shines a spotlight on a Municipal Swimming Pool Complex and its transformation from high-energy consumption and carbon emissions to a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution, thanks to SCIVEN’s intervention.


The Challenge: Before SCIVEN’s Intervention

Our case study begins with a Municipal Swimming Pool Complex featuring two 25-meter pools and a children’s pool spanning 17.40 meters. The pools required substantial heating throughout the year, leading to an annual energy consumption of approximately 1,525,685 kWh, primarily supplied by natural gas. However, this came at a significant environmental cost, translating to emissions of 280.73 tons of CO2 annually.


The Transformation: SCIVEN’s Sustainable Solution

After a complete evaluation done by SCIVEN the most comprehensive energy solution for this case combined Biomass Boiler technology with the SCIVEN ORC Cogeneration system. The implementation consisted of installing two 400 kW SCIVEN biomass boilers alongside a 20 kW SCIVEN ORC cogeneration system.


The Results: An Energy Revolution

The results of this transformation were nothing short of remarkable:
Savings: The Municipal Swimming Pool Complex achieved annual savings of 330,000 euros, providing a swift return on investment in less than a year.
Emissions Reduction: Carbon emissions saw a dramatic decline, with a reduction of -280.73 tons CO2eq/year. The pools’ carbon footprint was significantly diminished.

SCIVEN’s Comprehensive Approach:

SCIVEN took charge of the entire process, ensuring a seamless transition to sustainable energy:
Manufacture and Installation: SCIVEN provided its Biomass Boilers, SCIVEN ORC system, peripheral equipment, and biomass feeding systems. Specialized technicians assembled the complete system on-site.
Commissioning and Support: SCIVEN oversaw the commissioning and system delivery, offering warranty and technical support to ensure optimal performance.
System Management: SCIVEN went the extra mile by developing and executing specific maintenance plans, incorporating permanent remote monitoring and periodic inspections.
Turnkey Solution: The result was a turnkey solution that guaranteed a swift, reliable, cost-effective, and risk-free implementation.


AI-Based Energy Management System:

As the final touch, SCIVEN introduced an AI-Based Energy Management System to further optimize energy usage, providing tailored solutions for each client’s unique energy consumption patterns and cost considerations.


Conclusion: A Greener, Cost-Effective Future

This case study showcases how SCIVEN’s approach to energy solutions can revolutionize even the most energy-intensive facilities. The Municipal Swimming Pool Complex underwent a remarkable transformation, achieving substantial savings, emissions reduction, and a sustainable, cost-effective energy future. SCIVEN’s commitment to excellence, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction continues to make waves in the world of energy efficiency.

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