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By innovatively replacing traditional systems with advanced, cost-efficient alternatives, SCIVEN reduces energy expenses and decarbonizes processes, revolutionizing your business energy consumption.


Unlock the power of savings & sustainability

Discover which solution is the best fit for your energy needs. Get energy efficiency and be a part of the energy transition without interrupting any process.

Enhance your hot water process by producing clean electricity and save up to 30% on electricity costs. Perfect for the tourism sector, especially for heated pools.

With our integrated solution of SCIVEN’s Biomass Boiler and SCIVEN ORC, decarbonize your process & get all the other benefits above.

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At SCIVEN, we’re committed to delivering tailored energy efficiency solutions to facilitate your business’s sustainable transition and cost-effective future!

Ranging from 150 to 500 kW per unit, our boilers offer efficient heat production and seamless integration into cascade systems, providing hot water up to 95°C.

SCIVEN brings you impressive cost-efficiency with 70% savings on heat production, reducing expenses and carbon footprint with our updated boilers.

Our hassle-free, user-friendly boilers operate automatically, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Stay ahead with our AI-based system, optimizing energy usage for peak efficiency, and driving towards net zero through an intelligent energy transition strategy.


Integrated Solution

Allows saving up to 70% in total thermal energy cost and around 30% in total electricity costs.

Biomass CHP systems, by producing heat and power, reduce energy costs, especially applications that require low-temperature energy intensively. The energy can be utilized within the building or sold in case of excess.


Heating Swimming Pool Complex:

Two SCIVEN Biomass Boilers and one SCIVEN ORC — resulted in €330,000 annual savings, a payback of less than a year, and reduced CO2 emissions by 284,000 kg annually.

Energizing Success

Step into the realm of real-world energy transformation with SCIVEN’s study cases.
Our success stories, stands as a testament to the tangible impact we bring by reducing operational costs and decarbonization with our tailored solutions for intensive energy users. 

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Integrations for Sustainable Futures

Partnering for Engineering Excellence

At SCIVEN, we are committed to fostering collaborative partnerships with engineering project offices, ensuring the seamless integration of our solutions into public infrastructure.

Our focus is on facilitating the energy transition and promoting economic efficiency in public buildings, including municipal swimming pools, universities, and more.

This dedication is not just a part of what we do; it’s a continuous concern for our clients and a core aspect of our mission. By working together, we aim to enhance the sustainability and usability of collective use spaces, paving the way for a greener, more efficient future.


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The Power of Progress:
Future R&D

We’re committed to staying ahead of the curve, continuously exploring emerging technologies and integrating the latest advancements in energy efficiency into our solutions.
Our R&D efforts ensure that SCIVEN remains a pioneer in the field of energy efficiency. We’re not just shaping the future of energy; we’re actively contributing to the global conversation on sustainability, efficiency, and responsible energy consumption.