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Performed by our team of experts, an analysis of the energy system of each process is conducted, and everything is optimized to achieve maximum energy efficiency – a 100% personalized solution tailored to the energy needs of each client, which may or may not include our hardware, without disrupting existing processes.

EAAS - Energy as a service

The Energy as a Service (EaaS) model is a new business model that replaces the notion of “energy as a commodity” by outsourcing energy management. In this new model, energy suppliers provide corporate customers with energy and other services – like consulting, systems installation and usage monitoring software – on a subscription basis, freeing customers from having to make any upfront capital expenditure. 

The idea is that upfront capital expenditures reside with the provider and not the customer.

cogeneration system - orc - energy as a service

Complete system and process analysis

Reliability analysis

Reliability analysis and savings of proposed solutions


Implementation project with all specifications

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