Save Up to 30% on Your Energy Cost


Save up to 30% on your
total energy costs

Your hot water process fully fulfilled with simultaneous clean electricity production and savings of up to 30% of your energy cost.


Small Scale Cogeneration ORC system, contrary to Large-Scale Cogeneration system measured in megawatts, are well-suited for various industrial processes, sports facilities, hotels, spas, and other collective usage buildings.

They offer a flexible and eco-friendly approach to cogeneration thanks to their use of organic working fluid instead of water.

Economically, the increased efficiency translates to cost savings over time.

How?Less fuel is needed for the same energy output, which means that separate heating systems aren’t necessary, because there is additional heat generated that can be used.

cogeneration system - orc - energy as a service

Small-scale CHP (Combined Heat and Power) systems with ORC technology are ideal for environments with high energy demands. These systems are capable of efficiently produce electricity from heat streams above 70 degrees and 50kW of thermal energy.

The heat generated as a byproduct of electricity production ensures a continuous supply of water at a temperature of 30°C, making them ideal for heated pools & SPA’s, Sports Facilities & other collective usage buildings.

The heat source can be the Sciven biomass boiler as well as any other heat source at 70 degrees.

Empowering Efficiency
Energy Production Savings with SCIVEN

In addition to providing hot water, these systems generate clean electricity. This dual capability not only serves the immediate energy needs but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. 

The high efficiency of these systems translates into significant cost savings. By generating both electricity and hot water, these systems reduce the need for separate power and heating installations, resulting in potential savings of up to 30% on energy costs, which is particularly beneficial for high energy demand operations. 

This technology aligns with sustainable development goals by promoting decentralized energy systems. It allows for local generation of heat and power, minimizing transmission losses and reducing reliance on large-scale power grids.  

With the AI-Based Energy Management system, energy production is automatically tailored to your specific needs. Whenever there’s a demand for energy, the system intelligently recognizes it and generates exactly the right amount—no more, no less.

cogeneration system - heat recovery
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