Poultry Farming Efficiency

Incubators play a crucial role in ensuring the healthy growth of poultry, demanding precise temperature control, ventilation, and lighting systems. SCIVEN specializes in providing tailored energy solutions that not only power these essential operations but also enhance overall energy efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.

The Challenge:

Our project revolved around a modification endeavor aimed at integrating all utilities and thermal system components within a small factory. This facility operates approximately 8,400 hours per year. The existing setup relied on gas boilers to produce hot water at around 60 degrees Celsius, consuming 62.8 tons of gas annually, equivalent to 829.4 MWh.

Identifying Energy Consumers:

In-depth analysis revealed that the facility’s primary energy consumers were air conditioning, lighting, and equipment. The air conditioning systems, in particular, stood out as having significant potential for improving energy efficiency.

Savings with SCIVEN Solutions:

Our interventions yielded substantial benefits:
Annual Electricity Savings: 47,620 kWh, equating to 22,382 kgCO2eq (CO2 emissions) reduction and savings of 6,192 euros.
Annual Gas Savings: 168,481 kWh, accompanied by a reduction of 5,066 kgCO2eq in CO2 emissions and savings of 13,477 euros.

Project Deliverables:

Comprehensive Project Design: Detailed descriptions of all proposed measures and changes.
Justification Calculations: Sizing of all necessary equipment and accessories.
System Principle Diagrams: Complete representations with legends.
Technical and Economic Characterization: Assessment of proposed changes, including savings estimates, payback periods, and profitability rates.

This case study showcases how SCIVEN’s energy solutions can transform poultry farming facilities, significantly improving energy efficiency, reducing costs, and contributing to a sustainable future for poultry farming.

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