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No, there are no costs associated with the savings analysis, and it is conducted after gathering the necessary information, with feedback sent within 24 hours

Energy as a Service entails a monthly energy supply contract, where the energy is always priced lower than the usual grid rate. We implement the entire system to maximize energy efficiency, generating both thermal and electrical energy, and sell kilowatts according to the customer’s energy needs. In this case, the customer does not own the hardware or the energy produced by our machines, but there is always the option to purchase the hardware at any point in time.

No, at this moment, the service offered is turn-key, meaning it is a complete service, and the customer doesn’t need to worry about anything.

Currently, the service offered is turn-key, meaning it’s a complete service, and our team handles everything from installation to savings. We adapt the project based on the available space, discreetly and without disrupting existing processes.

No, the boiler operates entirely automatically with an AI-Based Energy Management System: so the fueling of the boiler occurs when the system autonomously recognizes the need for more thermal energy, consistently improving energy efficiency.

This is made possible by an intelligent system implemented in our boiler. Maintenance, including ash cleaning, is performed by the Sciven team approximately once a month and comes with associated costs. Monitoring is done in real-time remotely.

Yes, the energy produced by our technology is clean and considered net-zero emissions electricity, making it eligible for a renewable energy community.

The Sciven Biomass Boiler is equipped with a strategically placed cyclone separator (gas-solid) between the boiler’s smoke outlet and the chimney to collect solid or liquid particles of different sizes suspended in the gaseous effluent. This significantly reduces carbon emissions and their effects, making it imperceptible to clients.