How to Power Your Processes with Waste Heat Recovery

Nowadays, factors like the demand for sustainable and uninterrupted power generation have been crucial factors directly related to the energy transition.

Especially high-demand energy businesses and industries are obliged to find new solutions, not only because of the energy costs (that keep getting higher and higher) but also because new environmental laws are being implemented as you read in this article.

This is where Waste Heat Recovery comes into action!

It can turn a byproduct from an existing process into a new revenue stream (besides all the advantages of becoming less dependent on the public grid, of course).

Wasted thermal energy can result from several factors, for instance: device ineffectiveness and thermodynamic restrictions on devices and procedures – from flue gases to cooling cycles. It’s not a coincidence that the global market for WHR tech was valued at approximately $25.6 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.71% until 2028.

Industries and businesses need to adapt, and the major worries are the time and investment needed to make those changes without suffering severe consequences and compromising their processes and overall production.

Innovating WHR

Innovative technology in waste heat recovery keeps on being developed to span all the different processes where this wasted thermal energy can be recovered – powering your business processes with minimal interference (only with SCIVEN’s tailored solutions).

SCIVEN ORC Waste Heat Recovery

Our innovative technology works with an Organic Rankine Cycle that allows the recovery of wasted thermal energy on a much lower scale than the other solutions on the market right now and without the need to burn fossil fuels exclusively!

SCIVEN ORC allows a whole new scope of processes (starting at 70 ºC) to improve their overall energy efficiency by generating electricity from industrial waste heat that couldn’t be recovered before and producing electricity accordingly with the demand (not more or less), thanks to our AI-Based Energy Management. Any questions?

Don’t waste your time and your energy! 

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