Cogeneration: A Game-changer for Energy Efficiency in the Tourism Sector

This year, SCIVEN is going to keep leading the way in enhancing energy efficiency across various sectors! In the inaugural article of 2024, the focus is on the revolutionary impact of cogeneration technology, particularly in heating pools, within the tourism industry.

The ongoing year 2024 brings with it a continued focus on the trajectory of energy costs in Europe, a matter of utmost significance.
Considering the previous trend witnessed leading up to 2023, during which electricity costs experienced an increase of approximately 14% and gas prices skyrocketed by nearly 40% between the first six months of 2022 and 2023, one can reasonably deduce that this upward movement in energy prices is persisting throughout 2024.

Energy consumption within the tourism industry, encompassing hotels, resorts, and recreational facilities, is substantial. The escalating costs of energy and the worldwide energy crisis have amplified the urgency for energy solutions that are both efficient & sustainable. This necessity is especially pronounced in establishments that feature heated pools, where energy usage reaches notable levels.

Cogeneration Key-Points:

Cost-Effective Energy Use:

Cogeneration systems, particularly for heated pools, can significantly reduce energy costs. SCIVEN’s ORC – Cogeneration tech, with its low-temperature thermal output of around 30 degrees, is ideal for such applications, offering substantial cost savings.

Case Study: Municipal Swimming Pool Complex

Originally grappling with high energy consumption (1,525,685 kWh annually) and significant carbon emissions (280.73 tons CO2 annually), the complex underwent a remarkable transformation. SCIVEN’s intervention, involving the integration of our advanced Biomass Boiler tech and a 20 kW SCIVEN ORC, led to impressive outcomes.

The complex not only reduced substantial annual costs amounting to 30% of the original electricity costs but also achieved a dramatic reduction of more than 50% in the original thermal energy costs (and in carbon emissions by over 200 tons of CO2eq/year!).

This case is a shining example of how strategic & innovative energy solutions can lead to both financial savings and a reduced environmental footprint, setting a precedent for other facilities seeking sustainable energy solutions.

Reliable Energy Supply:

Ensuring a consistent and efficient energy supply is crucial for a smooth operation, and cogeneration provides a dependable energy source, crucial for guest comfort and operational continuity.

Transformative Impact on the Tourism Sector:

Cogeneration is a transformative solution for the tourism industry, particularly for resorts and sports facilities with heated pools. SCIVEN’s ORC is perfectly suited for this application, marking a significant shift in how these facilities manage their energy needs.

Every case is different and requires unique, tailored solutions to reach maximum efficiency. SCIVEN’s comprehensive solutions are setting new standards for energy efficiency in the tourism industry, particularly in facilities with heated pools.

Our dedication to sustainable innovation has earned us recognition, such as the Newton 4.0 Tourism Innovation Award. This year, let’s keep envisioning today’s energy future together!

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